What Types Of Buses Do Bands Use When They Go On Tour?

As a music lover, you may have wondered how your favorite bands travel from city to city, delivering epic performances night after night. The answer lies in the tour coaches that are their homes away from home. Let’s illuminate the different types of tour coaches used by bands when they’re on tour, and peek into the luxurious amenities these road beasts offer.

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Luxury Sleeper Buses: The Preferred Choice Of Many

Luxury sleeper buses, named for their comfortable sleeping accommodations, are one of the most popular choices for bands on tour. These buses come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like a fully-functional kitchen, entertainment systems, internet connectivity, and sometimes even a recording studio, making them an ideal choice for long-haul tours.

Creature Comforts

Interior design and comfort levels of luxury sleeper buses vary depending on the specifications requested by the band. Typically, there’s a cozy lounge space where band members can relax or brainstorm session ideas. The sleeping area usually consists of stacked bunks separated by curtains for privacy, and a master suite for the band leader or principal artist.

Band And Crew Buses: For The Sake Of Harmony

When touring, it’s important that everyone on the journey gets along, as you’re essentially in each other’s space most of the time. Therefore, larger bands often opt for separate tour buses for band members and crew members for a harmonious touring experience.

Division Of Space

Band buses typically have more luxurious amenities compared to crew buses, reflecting the difference in hierarchy. Band buses sport higher-end furnishings, bigger beds, and personalized facilities to keep the artists comfortable and relaxed. Crew buses, on the other hand, are designed to be more functional and utilitarian, prioritizing practicalities such as storage space over luxury.

Customized: Because Branding Matters

Branding is essential for bands, and having a customized tour bus can really make a statement. These tour coaches are usually splashed with the band’s logos, album art, or related graphics, turning the vehicle into a moving billboard.

Same Purpose, Different Styles

While most customized tour buses share their basics with luxury sleeper buses, what sets them apart is their unique aesthetic. The interiors may mirror the band’s style, further solidifying their brand even when they’re on the road.

Choosing the right type of bus for a tour can hugely impact a band’s experience on the road. While some might argue that the journey is more important than the destination, in the world of music tours, the journey is all about comfort, productivity, and harmony. That’s why these road beasts – in all their varied forms – are so valuable for bands when they’re out on tour. Now that you understand the differences, you’ll surely look at these buses in a whole new light!